Database Implementation

Our nonprofit was growing and needed to move off of a free database platform to something more robust. We wanted to make sure that it was right-sized for us and would meet our needs into the future, without breaking our small budget.

Jenny helped us evaluate our data needs and assess multiple platforms. We decided on a new software and moved all our data over to it. However, we were using volunteers to enter donations and they were entering the minimal data needed to account for the gifts.  Were we doing the right thing to make sure we had the information needed to grow our program?

Jenny stepped in again and evaluated how we were currently fundraising and how we expected to raise money in the future, in order to make sure the database met our needs. She set up the structure to capture the right information with every donation so we could understand the source of gifts for future stewardship and solicitation needs. She also wrote the procedure manual so our volunteers could enter the data themselves, keeping our costs down as we grew.

We enjoyed working with her through this process – she asked the questions we didn’t know to ask and was driven to help us get to a solution quickly.

Katie Lindenfelser

Founder, Crescent Cove