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Client: A nonprofit with an environmental mission.

Assignment: Create an online quiz that highlights the current environmental crisis while providing the reader with things they can do to help the situation. Present quiz in a series of two emails with asks.

Feedback: “You’ve really captured our voice as an organization, and navigated the tricky subject of our involvement in the situation wonderfully. You’ve created a perfect combination of dire warning and hopefulness. A++! “

Email copywriting

Otherwise Known As: My Favorite Email from a Client

Assignment: Write an email appeal to send to active donors that is more about stewardship than asking, while actually asking for a gift.

Feedback: The executive director of the nonprofit received the following email from a long-standing donor after receiving the email appeal:

“I recently made a donation as an anniversary gift for my husband.  Today I have made an additional donation SOLELY to show my appreciation for the elegant and beautifully written message you sent….In this era of text messages, it is such a delight to receive such a lovely message that was so gracefully crafted and managed to inspire a donation without ever asking for such.  Thank you for recognizing that words and style do still matter.  Please consider my donation to be in your honor. “

Email fundraising

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